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2001-10-16 14:13:40 (UTC)

So Close but So Far Away.

We are so close but so far away.
We only live 100 miles away from each other.
But it seems like a 1000 miles away from one
The time does not pass by quickly enough and
we miss each other far too much.

Love hurts--Love hurts badly when we are not

I know in my eye's mind and in my heart that
we are "Soul-Mates" and it was destinyed to be.
We know what each other is thinking and through
the cosmos, space and time, we feel each others
pain and suffering. It is a spiritual connection.

We soar with the eagles but then crash with the

We are up there in orbit but then come down.
It hurts and it hurts badly.

Love AmericanIrishRose

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