my lil secrets
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2001-03-08 22:24:06 (UTC)

dear diary, iv been talking to..

dear diary, iv been talking to B a while today i was ganna
go over there to see him but it didnt work out. R is being
sumwhat of a jerk. why im writting agen is iv been
thinking - do i really luv R or was it jus fear that i was
ganna b alone. i hate being alone more then anything. i
think thas why i kept putting up with his crap. but now
that B is in the picture im not so scared an i feel well
differently towrds R. i think it jus was fear. more so then
luv i mean actual luv. with B i think i can actually hav a
chance at finding out what luv is for real. R is so nice an
sweet. buti cant deal with this distence thing, it is way
to hard. an he doesnt seem serious that much anymore. im
pretty sure im going to end up with B but the prob is how
to tell R. im scared of loosing his friendship. i wish
sumone could jus tell me what to do.


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