My Crazy Messed Up Life
2001-10-16 13:47:58 (UTC)


Once again, I found a new online diary. I like this one
because there isn't much to it. Hopefully this is my last
one. I am still trying to figure out how to, or if I, can
transport my entires from my other journal over to this isn't a big deal if i can't. Anyway, it's about
9:45 AM, I just got back from school. I had to write a
midterm at 8:00 this morn. I did pretty okay i believe. Not
much is going on, of course it is still pretty early. I
don't have anything significant to write, I guess I am just
blah-ing on to see what exactly a journal entry over here
looks like when finished. I'm gonna go now. I'll write again
with something a little more exciting later.