2001-10-16 13:30:45 (UTC)

My dream .......

I've always wanted to be a teacher since I've been in
Kindergarten. My first teacher, Mrs. Ann Beard inspired me
at a young age to be like her one day. She made learning
so much fun! Most of all she was my friend. Now at 18, I
am still reaching for my dream which is to teach elementary
school. I think 2nd or 3rd grade would be good grades to
teach. No matter what I want the kids to be young but,
reaching that stage of really learning in a way that is
fun. I believe I would make a good teacher. I am very
people oriented to where I am really good with working with
people. I have an outgoing personality. Most important I
want to teach because I love children and watching them
learn over material I taught them. I think it's a great
influence on a child. I also believe being a student's
friend is very important.