2001-10-16 12:52:05 (UTC)

Someone got this from me today

You know what?
I am over you and you being an asshole to me.
I am tired of my feelings getting hurt by your smart-ass
If you don't like me, that's your prerogative.
I used to like you. I don't any more.
Please do me a favor; take me off your buddy list.
You never wanted to put me on there any way, you only did
it because I was a "crybaby".
Feels free to share this with who-ever you want. You will
probably do it any way. You can laugh about how "Sheila is
such a baby, she can't take a joke." Or "Geez, what is her
fucking problem".
I have plenty of problems; I don't need friends who make me
feel worthless.