aris' thoughts
2001-10-16 12:35:38 (UTC)


after a wonderful night of peaceful rest full of dreams
serving my Mistress, i awoke to a hectic, crazy house.
laying there in bed before i even got up closed my eyes and
said my morning prayer to Mistress, reached up to make sure
my collar was on tightly and got out of bed grabbing my
robe well, i finally have my life on a good schedule and
everything is organized even finances and i knew i had many
errands to run today before Mistress arrives at 10 these
chores now will not get done because the MIL whom i
unfortunately still live with told me THIS morning i had to
stay home cause a furnace man is coming. she never even
asked if i had plans today and Tuesday is usually my
banking day and food shopping day, so when bob gets home
and asks why i didnt go get groceries i can tell him his
mother made plans for me for the day. i dont understand MIL
at all, i mean just cause we live here dont mean she runs
my life, she gets paid good money for us being here and
more now than ever cause i have worked the phone bill into
my budget to pay that for her and i pay the satellite bill
so who is she to tell me i have to stay home all day. if
she had asked it would have been different but she didnt ,
she took me for granted... AGAIN. on top of this, both kids
woke up with bad attitudes and fresh mouths, the kind of
nastiness i myself would be punished for. they fight over
the kitten who gets to feed her who holds her before shcool
seems the kids are fighting about everything. this is sort
of hard for me cause i grew up an only child and dont
understand sibling rivalry but i do not like them speaking
so nasty to each other, bossing each other around, it
bothers me greatly, did i not teach them better than this?
bob is fine getting ready to slow down at work some for the
days are getting colder i just hope he works the winter as
much as he did last year, we will see. i think i might try
to write again later today maybe tonight in hopes of being
a lil happier just everyone just left for the day and its
all still so fresh in my mind but, i cant frett over things
its one of my rules from Mistress so , going to have coffee
and shower to wash away this stress before i kneel before
Mistress, if i dont, i will be in trouble for sure.