Ashley's Such a Girl
2001-03-08 21:46:41 (UTC)

Hello again! How are you? :)..

Hello again! How are you? :) Katie's still sick, I heard
she caught the flu. (yuccccchhhhhoooooo!) Lauren and andy
and lauren and jenny are fightin', not good news. :( I
overheard Katie's mom sayin she fell asleep in her 8th hour
on monday. Not good. I sure hope she hasn't had insomina
about the whole parent thing, I think she's still thinking
it's her fault. What can i do? I think I'm going to make a
get well sign and hang it in her window of her room at the
apartment. I'm sure that will cheer her up! :) I better go
make some and head over there! buh bye! :)
-luv ash-o-lee (ashley)