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2001-10-16 12:08:59 (UTC)

time is slipping away

ever have a dream were you wake up just bawling your eyes
out..and you dont even know why. I woke up last night
crying.. afraid.. but i dont know why? afraid of what? i
dont like nights/mornings like this .. when the silence
around me is so much .. that i just cant take the thoughts
i think. silence makes you dwell on things.. this this
dream i had i am dwelling on.brb .. talking to sonic and
lil crazy via msn lol
HAHAA sonic .. i know youll read this all i can say is you
so totally deserved .. that:) lol have a good day a
school .. hehe.
well i am in a great mood now! yay!!!!!!! so nothing really
to write about.. but life goes on .. yippes!!!!!! (
Rebecca!!!!!!!) ye haw