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2001-10-16 09:49:08 (UTC)

Tuesday, October 16th, 2001(442am)

I stayed up all night trying to study for my BIO exam. I
think I did get a lot done despite the fact that I started
at 12 am. I ended up talking to Justin for a very long
time. It is now clear that he does not want me as his
girlfriend because he doesn't want to commit to anything.
It kind of made me feel better because I know that he would
not be playing me physically.

I do not know why I worry so much about it since we are
just friends. It is for sure that I have feelings for him,
but I am afraid I might go too far. He is really fun to
hang out with and real fun to flirt with. He is just a good
friend and I want to keep it that way.

We are planning to go to the haunted houses on Thursday and
also to a party at Ottawa on Wednesday night. It will be so
much fun! :) I cannot wait. I think I am partying quite
lots, but I am glad I still study. I have to start
controlling the amount of time I spend sleeping, working,
studying and partying.

I got the job! It doesn't quite amuse me because knife's
aren't all that. But just the fact that I got the job is
fascinating! It's my first full pay job! :)

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