A goth's adventures in New Orleans
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2001-10-16 07:47:02 (UTC)

Well now....

Had a very interesting day. Good day at work, good mood,
the people I think are cool all concerned about me about
yesterday. I've worked there about 8 months now, you'd
think they would be used to my moods by now. Ah well.
After work I head over to the Alley for a quick drink.
Some drunken idiot frat-boi calls me a "terrorist". I'm
used to "freak" and "fag" and all that other stupid stuff
because people don't understand me or my subculture. Now
I'm a "terrorist". What? That bomb under my trench that
obvious? It's people like him who call my work to make a
bomb threat to the store next door. They called us because
they didn't "want any Americans killed" Yes, that actualy
happened. It's even worse because the stores are run by
Indians (the courntry India, not the people who lived on
this land before Europeans.) I hate stupid people.

I'm still not quite back to center yet. I realy need to
get over Saturday night.

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