2001-10-16 06:22:23 (UTC)


dear diary 10/15/2001

i didnt have a very good day today because my
soon to be ex raped me.he is a jerk,and asshole,and
coward.we were married for 4 years,and our anniversary was
6/13/1997.i wasted 4 years with the basterd.he is not
alowed over to my house any more,and he cant come around
our son robert any more either.he is a loser.his name is
noah johnnie slaughter.the only thing that i would ever
thank him for is our son robert noah slaughter thats 9
months sons middle name noah is named after noahs ark
[from the bible]not after his father.i dont know what i
seen in him.i new him sinse high school,he was 15,and i was
16,then i moved from salem, portland,or.,and didnt see
him for the 10 years i lived in portland,then i moved back
to salem and we got together again,witch was a mistake i
didnt know i was geting into.we had our problems,but i
didnt think he was as bad as mom,sis,aunts,and
uncle tried to tell me about what he was really like,but i
didnt listen.i guess i had to figure out what he was really
like on my own.i dont want my son to grow up like him.i
want my son to grow up into a man thats
honest,caring,loving,and respectful of women.i did love
noah,but fell out of love with him about 6 months ago.he
was my first could he do this to me.ill never forgive him
for what he did.i dont think i will ever forget what he son
is the only thing that keeps me mom,sisters,aunts,uncle,cuz
have been really there for me.i dont know what i would do without
them helping me thru this.i really have a caring,loving