The meanderings of a mind
2001-10-16 06:11:00 (UTC)

this bus

I saw a bus on the freeway
I wondered where is would stop
Wanted to have a window seat
And run away to another world
A place that held no memories
Somewhere I wouldn't be me
I wondered what you would say
If I wasn't here tomorrow
Would you notice the dusty table
that there was no money to borrow?
I could just start walking
My feet could take me far
But I keep walking in circles
coming back to where you are
The bus ran through town today
It probably wasn't the same one
I bet I could get a ticket
And make it out on my own
I could give up food for a while
Find a place to start new
make something for myself
I could hitch a ride but
I'd just end up here
Maybe a different city name
But it's all the same
The sun would rise with my tears
and set with my heartache
I just keep wondering
If that's a chance I'm willing to take
I saw a bus there was an empty seat
I saw this bus it stopped
I took a bus to a different me