The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-16 05:59:27 (UTC)

did i scream?

Thoughts that churn
Lessons to learn
Hearts to break
Chances to take
Promises to keep
Secrets to leak
Time to wish away
Hope to lose each day

Take me with you I can't stay here I don't know what to say
Take me with you I don't know how to make it I'm not ready
Take me with you The time isn't right I can't make it alone
Take me with you I forgot how to say I'm sorry I was wrong
Take me with you It isn't fair Someone had to have lied
Take me with you I can't break I must be dying inside
Take me with you It hurts I can feel myself crumbling in two
Take me with you I won't make it I can't be me without you

The sun soared high
You said goodbye

I cried a salty sea
You didn't return to me

The sun drifted down
Didn't see you around

The world is still turning
My mind is still churning

The sun rose again
This life to begin

I don't feel like living
All used up from giving

The sun shines so bright
The world isn't right

Each new day drags me further from you. I can't see the
future for clinging to the past. I am scared no one to
hold me. My hands they shake. My eyes rain continuously.
I've grown ugly and old. I think this is death. Not the
physical end. A shattering of hope. A yawning emptiness
that fills you up. The crumbling of a soul. I can see
myself huddled against myself. Clutching my pain. Why let
it go? It's all I have left. These bloody tears. I hate
weeping. My lips are swollen and cracked. My skin is
burning. Fingers catch in my tangled hair, I pull it out,
why bother. A mirror to devastation. It shall shine from
my eyes. I can turn the world away. I don't see the sun
shining. No new days come to call here. No heat to warm
this cold place where life dies. I'm not scared anymore. I
know the truth now. No ending and no begining. Just me.

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