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2001-10-16 05:06:36 (UTC)

October 15, 2001

I lost my cousin today, he was only 17 years old. He died
in a motorcyle accident. He was on my baseball and
basketball team for 3 years. He has my second cousin i do
believe, and we were not the closest of cosuins. But since
this accident i can see that he meant more to me than i
knew. Now i wish i knew and spent more time with him. I
heard the news at my parents house, we went up to the
hospital to see atleast 100 cars already there. I could
hear the sounds of sorrow as i got closer, i already knew
what had happened. I was met with my cousins classmates,
who where also friends of mine and we all just cried.
It all has happened so fast that i can not even tell its
real. So many thoughts are in my head that decided to start
this online journal.
I feel so bad for his mom, dad and sister. Why did this
happen i keep asking myself? This is not fair! To me and
especially them! Why him? He was just about to graduate,
but never will get to. he was on the football team, and
they had a game this friday....not anymore. This kind of
tragedy has happened to my small school 5 times before! My
school only consist of 120 people 1st-12th grade! How can
my school of so few people all end up like this? The other
4 were alot older then me so i did not know them well, my
cousin was 17 and i am 19. This i have felt in a very big
way. It has made me question everything. I am battling with
myself about religion, how can something like this happen
to such a nice family and boy? Its wrong....very wrong. i
do not understand any of it! it has made me see that this
kind of thing can happen to anyone! i will be more thankful
for everyday i have, because it could be my last. i just
hope that if there is another life, that my cousin is happy
wherever he is at. I'll miss you....

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