lost in the dark
2001-10-16 04:43:50 (UTC)

Hmmm... Respect...

Hey, Entry. What I am thinking of is what happened to
respect in the world. I have friends that I respect alot.
And those friends are to charish and to hold. Not to give
respect back, does not cross my mind. I have total respect
for these people of mine. Because, I know that I will get
the same respect back from them.
I also respect people in general. Why does it seem that
now adays, you have to work extra hard just to get a drop
of respect from people. I respect what people say and do,
unless it is something that is not respectful.
To give an example.. I went out to a ball game once with
people from work. I had respect for these people because
they did not show that I had any other reason not to.
About, 4 inning's into the game, I was distrubed at how
easy it is for people to make fun of other people that have
Disablities(sp). The strange'st thing is, it was not
someone that was in the crowd around me that was making
fun, towards this people having Disablities. It was the
people that I would have called friends (well work friends
anyways). After watching these friends tease the people, I
started to wonder how much respect do these friends have
for me or other people.
To me I did not see someone that had a disablity. What I
saw was someone out and trying to enjoy a ball game. I
actaully felt guilty just sitting beside these people that
I was calling friends.
Respect is something that is in the Eye of the beholder.
If you can't respect other people or thier status in life
what type of respect do you have for them ?
I am not saying that I have never made fun of other
people or said some sort of pharse that would have put
someone down. I am human and I still make mistakes.
There are so many different ways to take respect.
So, respect is also taken as Trust in alot of ways. And
Respect and Trust once lost is a very hard thing to get
back. And there is no need to give an example on this one,
for I know Entry everyone has had a run in with this, and
know what I am talking about.

Lost in the Dark...

Trust and Respect for those people that I love and hold
dearly are on mine mind tonight as I go to sleep...