Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-10-16 04:39:38 (UTC)

Poem - "Madman"

Sometimes it's hard to conceal
The ecstasy that I feel
When time slows down,
And I gaze upon the town
From high above,
Like a wounded dove
With broken wings, flying just the same,
Rising above the shame,
Madly hauling my load
Down the senseless nightmare road.
Not a single other headlight
Crosses the path of my sight,
No time to ponder distance or height,
Just close my eyes and hold on tight,
And then let go.
I'll never know
The mountain in all its glory
Until I've heard the valley's story,
And seen what horrors the void can create,
And felt the sorrow permeate
Every crevice and crack.
There's no turning back
Once I've covered this much ground,
Lest I fade away without a sound.
The hard part is over now,
The sun gleams on my sweaty brow,
And I smile madly.
I want it so badly,
But it's the ride that matters.
When my world finally shatters
And I meet the void face to face
And realize that I have no place,
I won't be sad,
There's no place to be had.
Weary head and broken wing
Really don't mean anything
When the fire in my eyes that makes me climb
Can burn cigarette holes in the sands of time.
These tired feet
Won't miss a beat
When there's so much to gain.
I'm blind to the pain
That begs me to stop
Before I reach the top.
Never! I say with a madman's smile,
I'll go on forever, laughing all the while.