sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-10-16 04:36:05 (UTC)

i am a fucked up kid

ok so yesterday i pikd up lu and we met cara at the movies.
we saw corky romano and it was really dull. then we went to
buffalo wild wings and trashed this girl that pisses us
off. then i drove cara home and we ended up staying awhile
and then i took lu home. then i came home went online and
ed imed me. he was all like yeah i hear that you dont like
me. and i defended that and sad i did like him but i am
kinda shy. so i dunno what is in that kids head. so i will
have to forgrt him unless he desides to come to me. so then
today i went to school and cme home. i went into work for
about two hours and then i went home and online and i
talked to jared awhile. then christina came and picked me
up and we went to see joy ride (again lol) and then i cme
home- online again. and tonight i talked to matt for the
first time since i saw him at ffridays in june. he is the
same old matt i guess. i think i just needed to talk to him
to get the idea ot of my head so i could stop having re
occuring dreams about him lol. also i really dont hnk i can
be friends with mag ne more. i cannot stand all the lies
she tells. she wants sympathy and attention 24/7 and she is
way to fake. all of her friends kno it too and she realy
needs to wake up andd realiz that we can see through her
and we kno when she is lying. at the same time itsad bc she
was a really goodfriend and i trusted her but now i see
that i cant. i thought we would always be friends
afterhighschool butnow i think she is too fucked up. o well
life goes on lol