Hailee Madison

Through the looking glass
2001-10-16 04:32:10 (UTC)

This is my life....

If you could be me for a day would you like it? Or if I
could be you,would I like it? In my life right now I am
going through so much. I am in love with a guy that I have
been dating for four years but it is'nt that kind of love
anymore I don't think. Ever since he cheated on me I
have'nt felt the same. I love him in a way I won't ever
love anyone else but I don't know if he's "the one"
anymore. Than there is another guy whom I have liked for a
long time. He is great. Sometimes things with him seem
perfect,like he is the one. But the guy I have been dating
forever thinks I am the one for him---even though he
cheated on me. Now I already live with this guy and I live
hundreds of miles from the other guy,but I have some
options....I can give up my long term relationship guy and
move back to my hometown to be with Mr. Wonderful,or in a
matter of weeks I can move even farther away with my
forever guy. He got a promotion at work which means moving.
Again. I left my hometown to be with him and now that I am
establihed,he has to move again. I don't know if he is the
one I want. If not and I think he is,I go and I am forever
unhappy. If I don't go and he is than I am forever unhappy.
Or if I move home for Mr.Wonderful and it does'nt work I
gave up a guy who really loves me. But if I move with
Mr.Longterm I have to give up my job and all of my friends
which I don't know if I can do all over again. I can't keep
following him....