2001-10-16 04:19:46 (UTC)

He made me CRY!!

So afterschool we went to Micah's house and we were just
doin stupid shit and Micah needed a ride to work and so I
called my boyfriend Kalua to pick us up and he did and
Micah promised him a pizza cuz he works at Dominos and so
on the way from there to my house, I was ticking Kalua cuz
he had a frown on and he got really mad and he fuckin
grabbed my boob and would not let go. He is so strong and
there was nothing that I could do but beg him to let go. I
was like, "I am so sorry, I promise I won't touch you
anymore, please let go, I'm gonna cry, Kalua that hurts so
bad..." And finally after I had been crying, he let go
because Megan finally stepped in and said something. It
hurt so bad and I was so mad that he could make me cry and
still keep doing it without feeling any remorse. He didn't
even say sorry. He has done a lot of mean things and I
have always kept myself from crying even though he hurts me
so much but this time, I couldn't help it. When I got out
of the car, he just let me go and he hasn't called.