le soleil et la lune
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2001-10-16 04:12:52 (UTC)


I feel like I bombed the SAT's on Saturday. It probably
didn't help that at first the room was like a sauna and
then an ice-box, or that my proctor and the annoying woman
in the sweatpants kept talking while we were testing, or
that they kept slamming the windows shut.
But afterwards was fun. A bunch of us went to Mi Pueblo,
and CJ told them that it was Parker's birthday. When they
arrived with the sombrero Mandy said it was her birthday
(she obviously didn't know what she was in for) and they
proceeded to beat her in the head. It was kinda funny, but
then the little mexican men kept touching my shoulder, and
I didn't like that. We were in there for like 2 and a half
hours, but I really enjoyed it, even though if I were to
pick who I wanted to take to lunch, it normally wouldn't
have been that mix of people.