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2001-10-16 04:11:58 (UTC)

last weeks girlfriend

so the rest of that week sucked as well. especially when i
wrote GM's number on my hand and my guy friend told him i
liked him. ok EMBARRASSING! but its not the end of the
world...or the week for that matter. so i get sick and dont
go to school and stay home for the rest of the week in bed.
monday comes along. it starts out great! im going to find
my friends before the bell rings and i end up not finding
them and the bell does ring so i start walking to
attendance...i cant exactly see considering i need to walk
straight into the sun to get there and when i look up(and
can see) GM's face is right there. Looking hot as can be!!
so then the day goes on and it is going fine..GM looks hot
and its all i think. lunchtime rolls around and
i got to meet my friend on the way to our lockers. my
other friend runs up to me and says "Did you hear about ----
(GM's first name)" i reply-"no...what happened!?" she says-
"he asked some chick out" Im absolutely STUNNED and I
ask "WHo?! what? did she reject him!?" and all she can say

who invented that answer...
so i can go KICK THEIR ASS!

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