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2001-10-16 04:08:46 (UTC)

Monday, October 15th, 2001

Dear Diary,
How are you? As for me, I'm pretty good. Just been
going to school and hanging out. Sorry I haven't written
in a few...I've just been busy with other things. This
weekend I stayed over at my friend Julia's house (My
teacher's daughter) I stayed over Friday and Saturday nite
and then hung out all day Sunday. Friday nite we went out
with one of her stoopid chunti friends, Juan. He was a
frickin' idiot! All he did was put Julia down behind her
back. He has no faith in her I told her
that she better quit hanging out with him. By the way, I
haven't told you. This girl Julia has been thru alot. She
has a past of drugs and abuse...and she's finally back on
her feet. So it really bugs me when people have no faith
in her and talk crap on her. I'm hanging out with her
because she is my friend but also to keep her butt out of
trouble and away from the wrong crowd...and unfortunately
she did something Friday nite that I really didn't like.
She had sex with this guy that she hasn't talked to in two
years. They used to have a thing for each other a while
back...but she runs into him two years later and has sex
with him the first nite!!! That's totally wrong! I wanted
to say something...but sometimes I feel like I'm acting
like her mom. I'm afraid she mite get sick of it, but in a
way I think she actually likes that I watch out for her. I
was on the bed the whole time they were doing it and I
didn't say anything! I just hope he was clean and she's
okay. Anyway, then Saturday nite her mom dropped us off at
the "Block at Orange" and we walked around there for a few
hours...and on Sunday we went shopping with her mom and
little cousin for Halloween decorations and decorated the
house. So, that was my weekend, not too fun, but not too
boring either. You know that T.A. guy from my school that
I told you about? Welp, tomorrow he wants to do
some "naughty" things with me at school! I don't know if I
should or not, but I really want to! He's really a turn on
for some reason! Even tho he's really not that
attractive! I like him! So we'll see how tomorrow goes.
He said he either wants to sneak and do stuff during school
hours or he's going to give me a ride home :) :) :) I'm
kinda excited! Heehee...well my mom went to bed so I'm
gonna go and get the phone. I need to make a few calls.
She never lets me use the phone so I have to sneak :) I'll
write tomorrow and let you know what happened :)
Love Always and Forever,
Alexandra God Bless

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