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2001-10-16 00:57:59 (UTC)

Monday - my friend Mel is back from beaches

Today Monday the teachers of public schools didn't go
to those. Because today was a holiday for them.
Every people that could see in my eyes had smiled. I
think it is because I have something else this year.
I dream about the paradise. Lakes and dams. Streets and
outside of towns. Maybe I lost some heart friend. It is
the dream of swimming in a lake.
Because every people, usualy women smile to me when look
in my eyes. I think I need Mel as friend. Other ones are
welcome. I didn't start the year thinking about her. She
came after I'd decided to take Marcela as friend. Instead
of it she and her beloved friend came to me. It reinstated
my life. I guess my petcat helped me so much for years.
It drove me to get truly friends. But this month I noticed
we are so much apart.
I'm hearing for weeks the song of children of Lyberia Let
it rain.
Another friend of me a casual from my neighbourhood did see
a falling star this week and made a wish. I think if I'm
helping her because of her wishes.
A falling star is so fast that in a moment it trays the
skies and disappears. Only who see at sky at that moment
can see.
In my eyes bright the light of the falling star I saw this
year in my life. And promisses of happiness is still there
waiting for me.