Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-16 03:33:12 (UTC)

Hi.. I'm still here.

Ok. I am sick.. and I'm tired, but I mean that literally.
Not like, "I am so sick and tired.."... I really am. Umm..
yeah... so... nevermind. ANYWAY...

Sunday was a fun day. I went to mawmaw's after church and
had some noodles:) Man, I love those things. Then.. after
services in the evening.. we had a devo at aunt Sheila's
house. It was fun. Catchphrase.. once again.. the choice
game. We have fun.

Today I went to work.. coughing my head off.. but still
went. Mom fixed baked spaghetti for supper. Mmmmm.

Matt's making me a cd. Pretty excited about that. Even tho
his computer is stupid and won't download hardly ANY of the
songs I want... but I'm not complaining:) Thanks Matt! hehe

Mark should be mailing me a cd as well. Dunno when.. but

Jen and Tess come home this weekend. Yay. Just a tad bit

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