Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
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2001-10-16 03:28:11 (UTC)

The first time

dear diary,
i am kinda new to this whole thing but i think that i might
be able to express my feelings without worrying that
someone else is looking in and reading. i dont think
anyone knows that i have a diary online. it happened to
one of my friends. she has one online and she was caught
and now everybody reads it and tells everybody else if she
writes about them. its quite sad. but to start off, im
a "little" girl thats just looking for a way to express
herself. i dont have a boyfriend, i had a best friend but
shes become a little distant lately. its not that we got
in a fight or anything, its just that we really dont talk
anymore. o well. u win some you lose some i guess. gosh i
hate that.
always and forever,

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