What can I say?
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2001-10-16 03:17:47 (UTC)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

So it seems like I have just made one major decision, and
now it is time to make another one. First I managed to
break up with my boyfriend of three years, and that was not
an easy decision. It took me about a year just to get the
guts up to do it, but now I feel much happier that I made
that decision. Anyway, now I am having roomate problems.
You see, my roomate is a wonderful girl and we have known
each other for a while, but we just don't get along. I go
to a small college, and it is kind of hard to make friends,
so I was really happy when my friend from high school
decided to go to the same school and be my roomate. My
roomate and I from the previous year had gotten along
great, but I thought that it would be a lot of fun to be
roomies with this other girl. Well things were fine at the
beginning of the year, but slowly things have started to
change. She doesn't like it when I stay out late (not
really late, but late to her) and especially the fact that
I am hanging out with some guy friends that she thinks
are "druggies" and "drunks." Yes, they are college guys
who smoke and drink, but there is alot more to them than
that. They are really funny and nice, and it sure beats
sitting alone in my room playing computer games. Anyway,
she also drives me crazy about making sure our room is
clean when HER friends come over (it doesn't matter if mine
are coming) and just all sorts of little things, like the
way she blowdrys her hair at 7:30 in the morning when I am
trying to sleep. AUGGGGHH!!!! I can't stand it anymore, so
finally we talked today. My roomate from last year has
grown to be a close friend of mine, and my roomie and her
roomie are friends who hang out together, so we decided
that it would be best if we would simply switch roomates.
I told my roomie that today, and I think it made her mad,
however. I really think the problem though is that she
doesn't want to move rooms, so that means I am going to
have to leave the room that I picked out for me and her
(her not being able to do so because she is only a
freshman), and that really sucks. But hey, if i get what i
really want (my old roomie back and the freedom to do
whatever I want to when I want to with whoever I want to)
then who cares about the stupid room!
My main problem is keeping everybody happy about
everything, and her not getting mad at me. I love her to
death, but WE CAN'T LIVE TOGETHER ANYMORE!!! We are two
very different people. I feel that right now she is very
superficial and doesn't really care about anything very
important in life besides going out and having a good
time. I can't have an intellectual conversation with her,
and this bothers me, because I have to have some type of
mental stimulation. The deepest our conversations get is
what type of poster we should buy for the room, while I can
talk about anything to my old roomie, such as religion or
relationships, and come away from it knowing that I have
learned something about myself and about her. I guess that
this is what college is all about, making decisions.