2001-10-16 03:17:16 (UTC)


Amy called me tonight. We've have been friends for so
long. I watched her go from grade schooler to highschooler.
We got intimate after homecoming this past year. We now like
each other. I dont know where it is going. People are
telling me it will work, and I kind of want it to. But im
just scared. I hope i'm being opened up to a world so
unknown to my most recent life.
In other news, I have lived quite a sheltered life
recently. Reading various books, living an entrapped life in
a world of my own. Im practically becoming addicted to adult
beverages. The realm I enter after a few mike's, is almost
unreachable through any other means. I'm straying away from
my friends. I'm becoming too skinny, and too depressed. I
love school, and want to learn more and more. And I want
less and less to do with my social life. What more could
possibly go wrong? I started losing friends after I started
making decisions. Now im just not making decisions, im just
living in different worlds, instead of confronting the world
i should be in. Friday cant come soon enough when i can
laugh at a movie, or find a song that i seep deeper than
normal into after i drink a few drinks... Where is God

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