my manic world
2001-03-08 17:52:15 (UTC)

i woke up in a grouchy sort of..

i woke up in a grouchy sort of mood, but it quickly turned
into a pretty good day. i was in my orchestra class, being
extremely hyper and crazy. i was having all these rapid
thoughts, like the axons ans dendrites were firing rapidly
in my brain. it was really strange. so we were playing
and all, but my mind was running in circles, so i couldn't
keep count right, which rarely happens, i'm the shit at
tempo and time signature and all that jazz. since my mind
was being all crazy, and my count was off, i kept just
like, sitting there, and not playing, or playing half
assed. our assistant director who was conducting at the
time, look at me, with an attitude and told me some shit.
i tried to tell him something, but being the big elitist,
all mighty violist that he is, he wouldn't listen. i don't
know what really happened inside me at that moment, i got
really pissed, like irate, my mind kind of shut off, then
my left ear did something really strange. it like got
blocked or something, everythign sounded like it was
underwater, then i heard like the ocean, right there. then
i was just sitting there, not knowing what happened. it
was all so weird, i don't even know what to think about it
now. anyways, i got up and left class, (i wanted to come
home early, to study, hahaha, yea right, what am i doing
now??) and i as i was walking to my car, i was getting
like furious at him for being such an ass. but i kept
telling myself not to let him ruin my good mood, and that
was that. now i'm still in a good mood and all. anyways,
that was so free flowing, i hope it makes sense. bye bye.