My Boring Life
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2001-10-16 02:50:44 (UTC)


OMG! I can't believe it's been this long since I've
written. I honestly didn't mean to take this long in
writing again. Believe me I've tried many times to get this
done, but it never worked out. We'll let me fill you in on
what's happened lately. Let's see. Well, for about three
weeks my computer was in the shop because it broke down.
Then I had a million emails to catch up on. So finally I
got that done, and that brings us to this Sunday, the 14th.
First I had to sing in choir at Mass, the whole time hoping
Doug (my crush) would be there. Unfortunately he never
showed up. But then as we were driving home I saw him in
his sister's car going to CCD. How rude. He knew I was
singing. I'm starting to think he doesn't like me anymore.
I think it's because he hasn't served in a while and I
haven't caught him staring at me since he hasn't served. :(
Today, my Aunt Sharon called and said that her and
Aunt Janice and Grandma are coming down to see us on
Thursday. That's great news besides the fact that Dad will
probably get drunk. I hate it when he does. It's horrible.
I guess I'll probably end up on the computer all night
trying to forget he's drunk. Well, I guess that's all for
today. I'm really sorry I've taken so long to write. I'll
try to keep up better.