Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2001-10-16 02:37:41 (UTC)

I need people

I need someone to huggle on. I guess I'll just have to hug
andrew or something... I wish I had a girlfriend, but all
the girls that appeal to me are either over the net or over
my age. *sigh* I dont need to be loved as badly as I need
to love someone, I guess thats why Midnihght can always
cheer me up when i'm in a bad mood. You see, she's my
friend, but I love her, she may not love me back, but I am
still happy. What else has been going on.... Oh, I keep
getting weird urges to leave, just leave and go no place.
Anywhere but where I am, its very odd... if you know what
that means, please tell me.