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2001-10-16 02:36:23 (UTC)

WJ 9/22

I'm so glad God loves me. It's so hard to comprehend how
awesome some one can be that would willingly be murdered to
save me and other people even though he did nothing wrong.
I ahev changed so much over the past year. I can remember
when I was so depressed over my family. I felt like no one
cared. Especially the people that mattered most in my life.
My mom and my dad. I'm a person that has to be told Ilove
you and be needed constantly. With my dad making
repeatative promises and breaking then.. He was never home
and I felt like his job and being with friend meant more to
him than me. My mother on the other hand was a skitzo in my
eyes. She only called once in a while and her "I love
you"'s were s empty and vague. Just words with no meaning
and definetley no feeling.But now I understnad , since I
ahve gotten more mature and I ahve a better view point to
look at things from. My dad loves me with his whole heart.
He would die for me if he had to. Everyone that knows him
says he is sweet and kind and I think he is too. Sometimes
his addiction get in the way though. He has been an awesome
dad. Maybe not the "Leabe it to Beaver" dad but no one is.
Right? He sure was the best dad he could be. He was
definnetlity better than my mom.

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