My Deepest Thoughts
2001-10-16 02:34:02 (UTC)

Ok..I know my 1st entry wuz kinda weird.

Dear Friend,
I know My 1st Entry Ever wuz weird. That's just how I am
tho. I'll be writing in this everyday. So, I'll be
telling u what happened 2day! Yay! Go me! Yesterday wuz Sunday. 2day
is Monday, so my weekend ended 2day. However last nite I went & saw
Zoolander, so I wuzn't upset that I wuz goin back 2 hell. School
isn't exactly hell 4 me. Me, Brandon, Stephi (my sis), Vanessa, Ana,
Ned, Jim, & Harold all kinda hang out. We dance these retarded dances
& sing songs about people *cough* Renaud *cough*. We make special
notes like The Secret Message In The Rainbow. Ok, so what is The
Secret Message In The Rainbow? The Secret Message In The Rainbow is
this rainbow that Stephi & Vanessa drew. Inside they wrote a secret
message & colored over it in marker. We invented it to annoy people.
Great tactic too. We definitely suceeded. In 1 day of this note, we
had tons of people annoyed & wanting to know the message. It wasn't
like we were going to announce it tho. That would ruin all the fun!
We've being doing this all last week & this week so far! It's STILL
annoying people! Sum people r offerin us money 2 tell them what it
is. But little do they know, the message is just a stupid little
phrase we made up. So what is the message already!?! The message
is..drum roll pleez..."GAY IS OK!". That's it. That's simply it.
That's all there is 2 it. That's what's annoying people. Whoever gave
us the power 2 annoy is our God! Hail that person! Anywho, sum people
don't know still so we're riding this message out. Then we're gonna
make a new 1..& I'm not telling what it is! Becuz I don't know it
yet...Well, that's all 4 now! Tata!