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2001-10-16 02:24:01 (UTC)

Entry from written journal...9/11

I was reading me Write Source 200 book and the principal
came over the intercom. I rember every word she
said...After announcing the tragic crash and collapsing of
the Twin Towers all the other kids went back to doing thier
stuff. The meaning just hadnt sunken yet. Our teacher made
us sit down and she explain the emense disaster. The
meaning of just a few actions made by terrorists hadnt hit
me until I thougth of all the casuualities. I thought about
all the people that had just went to work and what they
were going through at the very second. I thought about all
the people that had instintly died..not even knowing what
hit them. I thought about all the children that had went to
school that morning and when they went home they wouldnt
have a mom or dad. It made a chill shoot up my spine. I
started feeling like I was going to throw up so I got
checked out. When I got home I found out all the details
and that made me feel even worse.This horrible tradgey is
worse than Pearl Harbor, because it was made on the
innocent people of America and not the army.

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