Joshin Jane

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2001-10-16 02:23:58 (UTC)

"I tried so hard, to cleanse these regrets"

i'm too tired to write anything substantial.
i finally hooked up with chris tonight.
this puts me on decision-making probation.
becky's the monica to my rachel, i called her as soon as i
got back to the house, and told her about last night.
why didn't you call me? she asked
because it was 1:30 in the morning...
well, didn't you go to bed?
yeah, but you could still have called me! i want to hear
these things from you...
she's simply amazing, i don't know if i'll make it to
thanksgiving without her.
i told her about how i thought maybe i felt something
superficial for chris, he does have an amazing body, but
that jonisms kept running through my mind the whole time i
was with him.
she talked about alex.
the two of us are stuck in these impossible emotions, in
situations we have no control over.

it's still early, i came home early, and i feel empty.
holly's parents went out of town for a day or two so she's staying in
rims's room, and we could have talked for so long after i met her in
the libs but she had to study and to check in.
she's been awesome too, i wish i could see more of her for the next
few days.
anita's been drifting away from us and holly never gets to see her
friends from other houses, so we've really had ample opportunity to

everyone was being so cute tonight, i wished i could be with them.
casey told me he loved me just to see how i would react.
and spork, well he's a whole another story...
DoomSpatula23: it's a masha! a what? a masha!

i need some casey, or some bread, or a day off to catch up on work
and sleep and smoking and sanity.

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