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Fire Lillies H2O
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2001-10-16 02:18:39 (UTC)

Some day ( look at in Dec)

Well, how about that?

I have a really crappy cold.
A lot of blood keeps coming with the phlegm. I
know...gross, but I think it's just because the membranes
in my nose and throat are very dry. Also, I am under some
stress right now. I just feel a little lonely.

Plus,I just dropped $300 and have no money until Friday!
Whoops! Oh, well. Such is life, right?

I feel like there are so many people in my life, and no
other person actually likes me. Just as much as I don't
like them. I don't mean some raging heat. I simply mean
that only 3 people may actually call me up, and want to
hang with me. I am just really most concerned with the fact
that I was in very good spirits during the spring and
summer, and now I am feeling so lost. Especially, the anger
and meanness, I have been breeding inside of me. I am
simply in awe of that.
I am also really concerned with the fact that I am having a
hard time dropping it. That is the biggest concern I have
recently. That is the big one.

I think I would like to take a class or two in the winter,
and let myself rest the remainder of the autumn. Also I do
need to consider changing my job status. I mean if I am
worried about the thoughts of others than, yea, I need to
find another job. I need work where I will make enough
money, and feel okay. I could not worry about what the new
job would be if I was already serving because I would be
making enough. So I will start looking.

Also I want to do communtiy service. I don't know what. But
something soon. The community service should be now.

Well, I feel better, and I think I need to do this more
often. This and exercising. I think I will go out and play
b-ball now.
Then look online for community service programs.

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