2001-10-16 01:48:09 (UTC)

A Whole Lot of Cookin' Going On

I spent most of the morning cooking. I made a double batch
of chocolate chip cookies and then some chicken noodle soup
from chicken backs and necks I'd frozen. This is for the
boys to eat when they come home from school. I cut off some
of the last of the corn of the cob to add to the soup. It
was a good soup with onions, celery, carrots, peas, noodles
and corn. I'll have to bake more cookies tomorrow morning
to mail to Jack.
Of course, the time I spend cooking is time I can't spend
quilting. I looked at my list of quilt kits and realized I
have many that I need to start on. And finish. The key is
finishing. Before I start any more projects, however, I
want to finish some of those I've already started. That
includes the Girl Gang notebook, Patek's Bible Quilt, the
Leap! quilt I have in the frame, and the Four Pumpkins
wallhaning which still needs border. The Bowtie and the
Pink-Four Patch are finished, except for the binding and
labels. So I'm determined I won't start any new projects
until I finish these.

I also peeked in the cradle which has Aunt Clara's quilt
tops but also has some partial quilts I need to finish.
There's several of them as well as packages for the BOMs
(that's short for Block of the Month) for Hospitality Sweets
and All Around the Town. I've finished the first
month of each but that's it and the year's almost over.
I also still have some yardwork clean-up to do and really
should get that done before the rains
set in for good.
When I went to the post office this morning I noticed there
was a huge crane in front of the seed warehouse down the
street. It's the tallest building in town, probably
equivalent to 15 stories or so in an office building. They
were lifting some men in a wire cage up to very top to
repair the roof. This is not something I would volunteer to
do. I saw Don Ware, the editor/publisher/general-all-around
reporter and photographer of our little local weekly
newspaper out there taking photographs so there will be
probably be an article on it in this Wednesday's edition.
There was also a small knot of elderly men watching.
There's not much excitement in this small town.

That reminds me. I need to go to the market tomorrow
morning and buy some extra copies of last week's edition as
it had an article and picture about Gavin in it. He's the
high school's representative to write for the BIG
newspaper, the Albany Democrat-Herald. Albany is about 25
miles away.