Reality Check
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2001-10-16 01:22:09 (UTC)

Life is good...for now

Things going good:
1. I'm not grounded anymore (lets see how long this lasts)
2. I went to the homecoming dance and had the best time
i've had in a long time.
3. Me and pansy are tighter now...that's my girl
4. Mom's allowing me to date Jimmy, even though he's 4
years older. (she actually likes him...oh my god!) 5. This
week's gonna be good cause it's spirit week and we got the
homecomin game this friday. Yea!

Things going bad:
1. Hank REALLY doesn't like the idea i'm dating a 18 year old.
2. Crystel's actin like a damn ho and gettin on my nerves.
3. They found something at our local post office (which is
right down the road) that is possibly anthrax....the lady's
getting tested today and we'll know tomorrow.
4. Me, Pansy, and Amanda are gonna kick this bleach blonde
bitch's ass, and i know she's going to have her tricks help
her and if someone bruises my face i'm gonna get busted in
jail for assault for bangin someone's head into a damn brick
5. Hank's getting sent somewhere again for 2 weeks. I'm not
sure where. But with this whole terrorist thing, this is a
time i would like to not have a stepdad in the military...no
matter how much i hate him...i love him to death.