Empty Canvas
2001-10-16 00:55:26 (UTC)

Googles of Paint

HI! oh wow this thing actually works...lol. COOOOL! well as
an introduction i would like everyone to visit my webiste!
Alrighty....well today i did nothing, ive been in the slump
for a few weeks, since i got out of college, no job equals
no money equals no dates and no fun. Since i am not going
back to college untill the winter quarter begins that means
i have alot of spare time so im trying to stay busy ( and
get a job)from going out of my mind. Oh i am an artist by
the way, i love to paint and draw and sculpt and do other
things artists do. The college i went to was an art school
infact.. i loved it. To bad i couldnt afford to stay there.
I also started to begin to get out of my shyness and date
alittle. My love life is so sad it's pitiful, my luck with
guys is horrible. I've given up dating for awhile, too much
stress and trouble for me to deal with. I rather stick to
my paints and canvas's. This simplicity of a paint brush is
what keeps me going, i wish i could scan in some of my
artwork and put it on my website...sadly my scanner isnt
compatable with my computer....sigh*. I have one sister,
who also posts entries in this dairy thingy...yeah, sasmi i
guess thats what she calls her self lately...lol. ANyways i
have time so i guess i will try to write everyday and
inform you of my ugh...boring life. But hey i have an
imagination that i love to use alot. Yup thats me! THE
CREATIVE ONE!later- dagger