The land of unknown
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2001-10-16 00:54:28 (UTC)

Industrial Madness

Mood: .....
Music: Die Krupps 'Iron Man (KMFDM remix)'

guess what i got. a compilation cd that i bet none of u
have ever heard of. the 4 disc Industrial Madness
compilation. obviousely it's an industrial compilation. 3
cds of industrial bands and a special surprise cd. it's
the Birmingham 6 single for 'You cannot walk here'. so
far, i love this comp. really cool stuff. some of the bands
i recognized. Spahn Ranch, Frontline Assembly,
Psychic TV, Die Form, Decoded Feedback, Razed in
Black, Delerium, Godheads (not godhead, GodheadS
with an S), Leæther Strip. lots of em. i definetly
recomend this to the few industrial listeners i have.
good shit. so yea. everything else is same as always.
Matt and Chris always are acting like idiots, Steve
makes fun of every one in sight. but tomorrow should
be much better. i have biology. with REAL friends who
aren't trying to use me for something. also i have P.E. in
the morning with Austin. then geometry if usually funny.
also what'll make tomorrow good is, i started writing my
Val: Vampire Hunter story again. i have it all mapped
out. it's a looooooooooooooooooooong series i'm
getting started. a lot is still in the works, but it's getting
there. i have most of the main characters all figured out.
still short a few names. so yea. that's about it. i noticed
something. i mean, i have guy friends that are real
friends, but i still don't really have any girl friends. not a
girlfriend but friends of the female nature. and unless
i've made a great connection with a guy (Nathan being
the only one) girls seem to be the only ones i can really
talk to about my feelings. girls listen better. but with
Nate, we have so much in commen including usually,
what's buggin us. we share a lot of not so good
expierences. but we help eachother out. but in general,
it's easier for me to talk to girls. but so far, i don't really
have any to talk to. and it sucks. when i'm feeling
depressed, there's no one to see it. i don't have that
connection with any where they'd be able to tell when
i'm feeling down. and it really sucks. cuz i feel that way
so often but no one out here is there to help. and that
makes me feel worse. but i know i can count on my
other friends to help. my REAL friends.