buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-10-15 23:59:32 (UTC)

i'm so stupid!!!!

i'm kicking myself in the butt really bad right now and have
been since about 11:30 friday night. yeah, that's when
chelle was gonna ask this certain guy to dance with me. i
was stubborn enough not to let chelle ask him any sooner. by
the time she went to look for him he was gone. i can't
believe that i was that dumb! i really wish that i woulda
asked him sooner. cuz we don't have many dances this year.
oh well, there's gonna be others. i still haven't danced
with anyone yet....my time will come. i have confidence in
guys for some reason. they always seem to let me down cuz it
seems that just the time that i start to like someone even a
little bit, one of my friends always seems to start liking
him at the same time....and she always has a better chance
with the guy than i do. anyways.....the dance was still fun.
i didn't let it bug me when i was there, just afterwards. me
and chelle were up really late on friday night after the
dance. then we dropped her off and went shopping. we were
there till 5:30. then at 6:40 me and mom went out to the
church for me to practice playin organ. we were there till
9! i did really good on sunday at church tho, so it's ok. i
don't hafta play till the 3rd sunday next month now. i'm
glad cuz lately all i've been doing is practicing! i forgot
some really cool songs that i knew by heart only a couple
months ago. now i'm gonna hafta re-learn all of them. oh
well, it's gonna get easier every time that i play and i get
paid, so it's all good, right? i don't have lessons this
week, so i was gonna go to the guys' football game. nobody
can go with me tho. oh well, it's ok. i'll stay home, relax
and probly finish the mummy. that'll be enough fun for my
standards. hmm.....i wonder if jordan could go with me.
we'll see. i better do my homework now. yay lots of