aris' thoughts
2001-10-15 23:30:55 (UTC)

bathing for Mistress

Becky went to tap and T was at friends house for a visit so
i took advantage of obeying my Mistress in bathing for Her.
to prepare i lit the lavendar candles and added lavandar
oil to the steamy hot water as it filled up the tub. i have
a small shower radio that i usually turn on to a soft rock
channel. i began to undress making sure to do so slowly
thinking about why i am doing all this, smelling my
Mistress scent fill my house and my soul. carefully
removing my collar and placing it in a circle around the
candle holder that rest on back of toilet, removing all my
clothes and putting my hair up on my head, slowly with eyes
closed kneel there taking long deep breaths letting
Mistress fill me and feel every part of me i lower my
forehead to the italian tile floor, pushing my bare ass up
into air and hold this position as i recite my prayer to
Mistress. after wards slowly rising taking the clamps and
applying them to my already erect nipples, turning off the
water, pet slips into the hot steamy aroma of my Mistress
to soak for Her. the water burns my skin, wrapping me in
Mistress strength, feeling Mistress strength take away all
my cares and worries. my nipples throbbing hard as i pick
up the sponge to squeeze the hot water over them. taking my
hands and running them over every inch of my Mistress' body
caressing it soothing it and letting it absorb in delight.
i must have layed there a good 30 mins before realizing it
was the longest time ever having my nipples clamped and
they suddenly were piercing sore throbbing nsync, in rythem
with my clit and i knew then it was time to remove them and
get out of tub before i climaxed, so i did, i dried off by
patting skin kneeled again before the candle resembling
Mistress and kissed the floor there saying thank You. with
a big smile reattatched my colar and got dressed quickly to
go get Becky.

i also was instructed to wear clamps while cooking tonight
but i did not cook tonight, took the kids to McDonalds
cause it was late and they were starved, hope i am not in