.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-15 23:25:00 (UTC)


soo i guess all the rock girls at school are all over jim
weaver, what the hell, i'll say what i told jarred and
julia and will today, hes already broken inside, i dont
want to see him destroyed. and he is, a broken boy, with
his x girlfriend, his emotional state, home life, and
moving all the way from tx. poor kid, i dont want to fuck
with his emotions too many people have already done that.
but oh my god, his lisp is to die for. i just wnated to
get with him right there, i saw him once today and made
everyoen wait after school to see if he would come out, but
didnt see him. i shouldnt get hung up on this boy, its not
good (or right for that matter) its just that i dont wnat
anne michelle to hurt his heart.

why do fragile people, umm i dont know. all i'll say is

fragile people... tear... heart... sad... please... end.

i saw mike trip today, thats jim's step brother, it was
funny but not, like it was funny cause i pointed him out to
my friend and then he sorta tripped on the top step of the
stairs, im laughing about it now, haha that was good times.

i saw the garage today, oh man, it was amazing, pool table,
2 fooze ball tables, 2 ping pong tables, air hockey,
couches, tv, room with soon to be 12 computers, awesome
stage and sound equip, all carpeted, and HUGE besides all
the cool stuff inside, its still really big.

i get heart burn, isnt that weird. maybe im dying.

my ebay auction isnt doing so well, anyone who is reading
this (and is an emo boy) should bid...


i got 8 cool sweaters today, score.

i also got another home alive cd for2 bucks AND
the Moog Cookbook which has awesome "covers" synth-a-fied
of weezer, green day, cravitz, nirvana and more songs.
that was 6.99 i got them both used at wonderland.

blah, i felt MAD sick today, and new it too. gross girly

first daughter: Autumn
Daughter/Boy: Rae/Ray (for Ray Gun or Rae Dar)
Dog/puppy: Emo. cause yeah.

jim says he doenst want kids, he also doesnt want sex
becaues hes too emotional and it wouldnt have any feeling
or reason, just empty, empty is a word i wish to use more
often in describing people, it fits too many kids i know.

some peopel are dead and empty inside, with no feeling
left. this makes me think of some spoken word from home
alive, makes me think or rape, and dead and empty inside.

i got nameless zine 2 in the mail today, i wasnt even
expecting it today, it was like a present suprise thing.

my mom wants to check her mail. so im out.