My Life.............
2001-10-15 23:08:34 (UTC)

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................

Jeff Im'd ME!!!!!!!! i thought id only get to see him
online, i saw him ther, and i never expected him to send me
a freakin message!!!!!!! i am so excited!!!!! i still cant
believe it!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! he was actually nice too, until
he told me he is going to be a father, so, i had to say
something, so i told him great and that i was happy for
him, also told him Roy was going to be a daddy too, and he
was more excited about it than i was (a lie of course,im
not pregnant, but, what Jeff doesnt know wont hurt him) i
know hes lying, so, ill just tell some of my own lies.LOL
anyway, he ws like, cool, i gotta go, and said hed talk to
me soon, and put kiss kiss, then he left, i cant believe he
actually talked to me, his girlfriend or whoever it was
that time said when she was done he wont be able to even
admit that he knew me, well, looks like things have
changed.LOL oh my gosh, i love him sooooo much!!! but, im
going to be careful this time, hes going to think i dont
want him anymore.hahahahahha god, im 32 years old and
acting like a freakin teenager.LMFAO.......