In Too Deep
2001-10-15 22:47:45 (UTC)

ok so this is it...

This is the gay little thing thatim gunna be using 2 write
basically everything in...because well i can't write it at
my house cuz my mom will read anything she gets her hands
on....soits better for all you people i dont know read it. whoever you are...get used 2 my shitty life.
ok well ummm..this saturdy was homecoming. It was pretty
fun i guess. I actually got aaron 2 go somewhere other than
waffle house which was amazing. After we went & walked
around the football feild & watchdhim reenact friday nights
game haha. He was being really sweet tho. It was th first
time like all week we didnt fight*!*wowie.
Um we fell asleep that night on my couch all cudled up....i
love that sorta stuff haha.
oh oh oh...i almost forgot.....last tuesdy on my & candice & ben & justin all went down 2 the
masquerade & saw Sum41 in concert.before we hung out with
SloppuMeatEaters for like an hour..they were awesum! The
guitarist wanted candice!haha. it was so kik ass....lik we
got front row center, but the mosing was horrible....lets
say gettin kied in tha head with combat boots, & crowd
surfers landing on you get old after a while. But after the
concert we got 2 meet sum41 out by their bus..woDerek is
ott as fuck...a short aw haha. they seemed kool though. The
pics i got from it were awesum! ok well imout for now....cya