The Diary of S
2001-10-15 22:19:03 (UTC)

Pros and Cons of new roommates

So I'm weighing the options.
I want to talk to Laurie still about getting an apartment.
She is in her 40's and is more mature about things. Also
she cleans and cooks. She's like a mother but would stay
out of mine and my boyfriends business. She's also a
friend. BUT...she has mental problems. I think she may be
bi-polar. Sometimes she is so happy and funny. The
sometimes she locks herself up in her room and cries the
days away. But she is a great person if you even everything
Jeremy..the guy that wants to get a house with us is in his
20's. I don't know what he'll be like living with..I barely
know him. He has lived in this house before and his parents
are $$Rich$$. So if we needed help with bills they could
help. He works with my boyfriend. They are pretty good
friends. But they have only known eachother for about 3
months. He's great..what I know of him. Funny, good
personality, hard working. But I don't know how he'll be in
a few months from now. Ya know??

If anyone is reading this?...what do you think??

I'm so confused on what to do...