Within Lily's Eyes
2001-10-15 22:12:40 (UTC)

why can't my character die in peice???

Hiyas again. I rp (role play for those who
don't know) and when you rp you get these characters. well
i have been trying for about three days now to kill off my
character in peice but NO ONE WILL LET ME! everyone i know
keeps trying to stop me and argue with me that they don't
want to see my character die. great, now what am i suppose
to do?

My adopted big brother was being mean these
last few weeks. i went over my friends house and went up to
him under another s/n and he ignored me! then when i told
him that it upset me, he got an attitude with me! i was
being all nice to him and he snaps at me. then i find out
he made my adopted sister cry! that was final. by then i
had it with him. i spend like 15 minutes yelling at him but
in the end we talked it out and he said sorry so now we

Remember how i talked about my b/f leaving
me? well now hes all like i miss you and i love you. i love
and miss him too but i'm alil afraid hes just playin me.
well i guess only time will tell.