The life of a hellraiser
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2001-10-15 21:54:49 (UTC)

Bad Monday

Well, today was a rather terrible day. To begin with, my
younger sister, Katie, was moving rather slow today. She
went upstairs to take her shower at 5:40 this morning
instead of 5:30. She takes forever after she takes her
shower, and sometimes I don't blame her. Personally, I
would go upstairs to get my shower 5 minutes before I
normally do, get the clothes I chose to wear and pick up a
pair of socks. Then I would go right in and take my shower.
Anyway, since she got a late shower, we ended up missing
the bus so Mom had to drop us off at school instead because
my sister refused to get out of the car when we were behind
the bus on the next stop. I just didn't see the point in
getting out of the car, even if we were behind the bus most
of the drive over there. My bad day got worse 3rd period,
as we got our new teacher. She's pretty nice, she didn't
even tell me, Andrew, or Mario to move to our assigned
seats. Nobody sat in their assigned seats as a matter of
fact. Andrew at one point told me to move because of the
whole thing with the assigned seats. I said, "Why don't you
move?" He says " Because Leah would also move if I did." I
think that was a bunch of bullshit because he just wanted
me to move so they could all just sit there and talk shit
on me. So what the fuck else is new? From there it got
worse; Leah has been meddling around in Mario's love life,
trying to set him up with some girl she knows ( and also
plays tennis). He kept on asking her questions about this
girl; wanting to know if she's pretty and all of this other
crap. Blecch. I just said, "Oh, god." I was about to ask
him why the hell it matters if a girl is pretty or not, but
I didn't . I even wonder why the hell I care so much about
this. I have this feeling that this girl ain't even pretty,
Leah was just saying that so this girl could get a
boyfriend. Then she goes on about how she can't stand some
people who are annoying(the type who aren't really your
friends, they just follow you around and hang off of you)
because one girl she knows ran up to her after Andrew had
left her locker to go to class and was practically
hyperventilating saying that Andrew was so hot, etc. The
only person I find annoying as of in that class is her
because she's going on and on about it, also trying to
meddle around in Mario's personal life. Plus, she follows
Andrew around all of the time so she's basically talking
about herself. Then Mario and Andrew went on to say that
Leah and Gabrielle looked hot. That really pissed me off
because I wasn't even mentioned. What the fuck am I? Ugly?
First of all, they aren't the only girls sitting here at
that table. In case you haven't noticed, I'm also sitting
here wanting some attention, but as usual I'm being
ignored. Feeling like a worthless piece of shit because
nobody notices me. I hate being upstaged like that, I just
fucking hate it.

The only good thing about this day was the fact that I got
my homecoming ticket. Andrew didn't have anybody to go to
the homecoming with, he was talking to Gabrielle Ercolani
about the dance. He could've asked me, but I guess that
didn't even cross his mind. Plus, when I went down to my
locker 4th period, I saw Brian Conner check me out from
where he was sitting in his French I class. He was looking
at me and smiled as I was walking back from my locker.

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