Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-15 21:41:32 (UTC)

Just Sitting Here Listening to No Doubt and Eating A Store Bought Cinnamon Roll...

I'm talking to Brandon. I'm talking to Jill. I was
talking to Zach until he got off. Dang.
*pauses to answer five simultaneous instant messages*
Okay. I think I'm turning into Miss Popularity. *shudders
in horror* Not really. Just have some good friends who
keep talking to me.
*pauses to go read more messages*
Okay. God, these people won't leave me alone. I TOLD them
I would be right back, but do they listen? Of course not.
Everyone in my grade is having parties now. BethK. Nicole
(not invited). Paige. Joey (not invited). Megan. Tina.
Heather. Gawd!
My day was uneventful. Taylor, of all people, noticed my
hair right away. I love Taylor. I think I like him, I
can't really tell. All I know is that he is TALL and we're
friends. At least he noticed! Brandon did too. Yay!
Our band sucks. We marched during 5th hour and damn it was
COLD!!!! NW Iowa sucks. Our band also sucks. We're gonna
look like shit... grr...
Katie's trying to get me to tell her about what I write in
my online journals. That's fine, she can go read my
diaryland one, that's open for whoever. But this little
gem is for me. None of my friends get to know about this,
seeing as alot of the stuff in here, they have no idea
about me.
*pauses to reply*
She's still begging. Um, m gonna go now.

"Don't just go around expecting that the world owes you a
living. It doesn't. It was here first."
-Mark Twain

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