Sleeping with the lights on
2001-10-15 21:21:50 (UTC)

Stoned and alone.

Well what a damn day this has turned out to be. I guess it
was okay for the fact that I'm sitting here listening to
techno and being stoned. I guess that's all my life really
is but I have often failed to find the reason to not smoke
pot. Sure it makes you lazy and hungry, but what's wrong
with the happiness it gives you? I started smokin weed 2
years ago, and in my attempts to quit have found myself more
miserable then I already am. I guess it's my outlet from
life. I don't know, it's not that bad of a drug. You can't
die from it, and most of my friends are smarter in school
then they used to be because of it. I'm Pro-Marijuana all
the way. I guess it kind of sucks though because in a way
it's fucked up alot of stuff in my life. Now, sitting here
on the computer with my mom in the next room watching the
news probably, while I sit here being high. I could be out
there talking to her but there's just so many things I want
to talk to her about and I don't think I'm going to. All we
do is fight anymore but it's both our faults. It's like we
don't see eye to eye. Even though we both want to be closer,
we are too stubborn to change for the sake of our
relationship. Weird. Weed has always made me think from a
different point of view. I guess it's like that because
there's really nothing else to do around here so we always
smoke tree. I like to be high to consider what other people
are thinking. Maybe it's just slowly making me mad.