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2001-10-15 21:03:05 (UTC)

It's HP merchandise time!!

Weeee...I just came back from the mall...I was supposedly
going to do some homework (something about corporate images
and stuff...), but I couldn't draw anything, so I walked
into a department store, and headed for Toys (I always do
that...gotta keep in touch with your inner child), nd I ran
into those gorgeous Harry Potter figures! But guess what:
no Harry!!!! They were out of those. Me and my bad luck. So
there were only Draco, Ron, Hermione, Snape, and those big
Hagrid, Fluffy and Troll figures...hmm, what to do? (coz I
was definitely going to leave the mall with one of those
babies!); so I finally chose Ron (I still dunno why); but I
liked it, at the end of the day. It's very cute.
The problem now, is that I have no idea of where to put
it! I usually keep my dolls and figures in their boxes or
packages (although not all of 'em, but most), and I'm
running out of space!
Guess I'll have to rearrange everyhting again...^^

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